TPPA Three Ponds Protective Association Milton, NH / Lebanon, ME

Membership Matters

To be effective, pond protection must be a group effort, supported by a large percentage of property owners and local businesses.  That’s why your membership, support, and participation are vital to the health of our ponds.

Your membership lets others know

That you care about protecting the quality of Three Ponds for this and future generations.

That you care about safeguarding property values in Milton and Lebanon.

That you want property owners all around you to use the land in a way that respects water quality.

That you support the enactment and enforcement of land-use rules that enable waterbody protection.

Please join us and show that you care.   Click here for our membership form.

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Members are invited to make an annual contribution at any of the levels below.

Anyone may offer their service as a volunteer in lieu of a financial contribution.

Per TPPA By-laws: “Having a high percentage of pond property owners as members is more important to TPPA than membership dollars raised.

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