TPPA Three Ponds Protective Association Milton, NH / Lebanon, ME

Watershed Surveys

Over 70 volunteers and technical leaders contributed their time and effort to survey the watershed of Milton Three Ponds. A total of 158 different erosion sites were identified that have the potential to adversely impact water quality.  Of these, 106 (67.1%) are on residential properties, and over half of these sites have a low impact on water quality, and can be fixed for a relatively low cost with roof drip line trenches, infiltration steps, rain gardens, or natural vegetation buffers planted along the water’s edge.

Surveyors found that homeowners around Milton Three Ponds are aware and/or are becoming educated in preventing surface runoff to improve our water quality. Many waterfront owners have already installed effective erosion control measures.

Northeast Pond Surveyors

Surveyors at work

What’s Next

In 2012  thru 2014 we offered grants of up to $250 to homeowners  to help fix erosion sites.  


So, we are  offering such grants again in 2015.  

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All the land whose storm water runs off into streams, rivers, lakes and ponds


Depot Pond Survey

Northeast Pond Survey

Townhouse Pond Survey

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