TPPA Three Ponds Protective Association Milton, NH / Lebanon, ME

LCCs would carry out soil erosion mitigation projects around the Three Ponds. The projects would be accomplished by a crew of High School students supervised by a crew leader and a technical director. The LCC program would give our youth the opportunity to effect environmental solutions and empower them to become the future stewards of our water resources.

TPPA conducted a pilot LCC) project during the 2010 summer season by completing a soil erosion reduction project at the Milton Town Beach.  This consisted of installing three large rain gardens, a water retention basin at the outlet of the route 125 culvert, and two sets of infiltrations stairs on the slope leading to the beach  Much of the work was done by a team of students from Nute High School.

This project was  funded in part by a grant from the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP)

Partners who participated in the soil erosion project included New Hampshire Lakes Association, Nute High School, and the Town of Milton Public Works Department.

For lack of funding TPPA has deferred plans to establish a Lake Conservation Corp .  

Lake Conservation Corps (LCC)

Infiltration Stairs at Milton Town Beach

Planting a Rain Garden