This page serves as a source of information about matters of interest to residents of Milton, NH and Lebanon,  ME

Hydroelectric Generation Plant  at the Milton Dam

KC Hydro, LLC has a permit from the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to study the feasibility of installing a small hydroelectric generation plant at the Milton Three Ponds Dam.  TPPA invited Kelly Sackheim, Principal of KC Hyro, to a meeting on 26 July 2012 to provide an update on the status of the project.  Many from Milton and Lebanon attended; and several wanted to know where they could obtain up to date  information about the status of the project.  TPPA agreed to provide links to such information on this website.  We have requested such links from KC Hydro and will publish them as soon as they are received.  In the interim, here are some related links:



KC Hydro Website

KC Hydro NH Projects

Select Documents & Filings - eLibrary tab.  Use Search Option “Docket Search”.  Search for docket number P-14248.  See list of all documents generated about the project, including comments provided by Anthony Mincu  (Milton Town Administrator) on  1/10/12,. Norman Turgeon  (TPPA President) on 1/11/12, and Steve Panish  (Milton Conservation Commission) on 1/16/12.  Click on “FILE LIST” to get to a page where you can open and read the document.   

Letter from FERC  of 10 Aug 2012  requesting KC Hydro to file their preliminary permit progress report.

KC Hydro 1st 6-month progress report

Copy of Grant Application  submitted to NHPUC by KC Hydro LLC approx 1 Mar 2012

Lebanon Selectmen letter of 13 Sep 2012 re the preliminary permit given to KC Hydro LLC for a hydropower plant at the Milton, NH dam

FERC Notice of overdueprogressreport,  dated 2 Feb, 2013.

KC Hydro 2nd 6-month rogress report,  dated 2Feb,2013

To the right are links to documents added to the FERC Docket Sheet after 26 July 2012 for  KC Hydro LLC Docket # P-14248