TPPA Three Ponds Protective Association Milton, NH / Lebanon, ME

European Naiad Found on Three Ponds

An invasive aquatic plant named European Naiad is growing along several shorelines of Northeast Pond and through the channel down to the entrance into Depot Pond.

If left unrestrained, it will likely spread to all three ponds, overwhelm the ecosystem, severely

limit recreational activities, and reduce everyone's property values.

We are working with NH/DES and ME/DEP to formulate a control plan.  Control activities will begin in late spring and may include surveying and mapping, barrier application, or physical removal both by hand and by diver assisted harvesting.

Lebanon, Milton, and TPPA intend on creating a Steering Committee to manage the execution of this plan, and to develop a long-term Aquatic Management Program for Three Ponds.

This will affect us all and here are ways you could help.

1. If you are able to spend a few hours each week, volunteer to serve on the Steering

Committee, or work on resource implementation.

2. Volunteer to help carry out the near-term control plan which could include weed-watchers, plant removers, snorkelers, scuba divers, and administrative workers of all kinds.

You can volunteer by completing this Form and clicking the Submit button