TPPA Three Ponds Protective Association Milton, NH / Lebanon, ME Bob Garnet and Bill Riefenstahl preparing to collect water samples

Volunteer Needs

1. An additional team of 2 or 3 people (with a boat) to collect water samples at 3 sites, two or three times during the summer.

2. People to help transfer water samples from collection bottles into smaller containers, filter some of the water, measure certain chemical properties, package the filter materials and containers, and deliver the package to Dr. Jim Haney's home for a next day delivery to UNH.  This takes about an hour every week during the summer.

 Contact Mike McDonnell (603) 652 - 4769 or click this link to E-Mail

Current active volunteers are Mac & Heidi Ford, Bill Riefenstahl, Bob Garnett, Mike & Ida McDonnell, Connie Therrien, Milt Olson, and Donna Morse.


Water Quality Monitoring - 2009

Water Quality Monitoring - 2010

Water Quality Monitoring - 2011

Water Quality Monitoring - 2012

Water Quality Monitoring - 2013

Water Quality Monitoring - 2014

Rachel Grenier, Dolly Shevenell and Connie Therrien