The town of Milton is considering a proposal from an outside company to allow a 54 acre landfill on Piggott Hill Road, on 229 acres of purchased land, which is not currently zoned for landfill use.

TPPA has sent a letter of concern about this to Milton Selectmen. Click here to see the letter.

An unaffiliated group of Citizens Against Landfills in Milton (C.A.L.M) has published a website that, in part, invites others to join them in a petition to keep Milton clean. Click here for this site

TPPA has issued a JOB ANNOUNCEMENT  for a paid Weed Watcher this summer.

Objectives are

1. to provide a summer work opportunity for one or two local (Milton or Lebanon) students, and

2. to augment TPPA’s Volunteer Weed Watcher Program with more intensive monitoring of vulnerable areas of Three Ponds’ shoreline.

Click here for the Job Announcement.

Milton Public Works Department is having a Roadside Clean-up Day and Open House on Saturday 19 April 2014 from 9:00 AM to Noon.  Refreshments will be provided to volunteers.  Click here for info on when to sign in as a volunteer.

In 2014 TPPA will continue to offer grants of up to $250 to individual home owners for remediation of erosion sites. for an Application

The Dec 2013 issue of the TPPPA Newsletter is in the mail. Click here to download it.

One of our members found a jelly-like blob attached to a dock.  NH DES  told us it was a harmless  Bryozoan.  Click Here to learn more…

Get the Lead Out!

On August 16 2013, Tiffany Grade, a biologist from the NH Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) gave us an excellent presentation on the State of Loons in NH.  Data collected by LPC since 1989 shows that lead fishing tackle is a major cause of adult loon mortality, accounting for 50% of all documented adult loon deaths in the state. These deaths are completely preventable.  We urge all of you anglers to please use non-lead fishing tackle.  See LPC pamphlet on this subject.

TPPA is offering grants of up to $250 to individual home owners for remediation of erosion sites. learn more and apply

Milfoil Invades Nearby Spaulding Pond!

Click here to read Steve Baker’s newspaper article about this disaster and why we must all be vigilant about inspecting incoming boats for invasive plants. It takes only one “dirty” boat to ruin things for all of us.

TPPA Elects New Officers

At the membership meeting on 21 June members elected the following officers for the 2012 season:

President   Steve Baker
Vice Pres   Mike McDonnell

Secretary  Wendy Beckwith

Steve Baker will continue to serve as Treasurer until a replacement  is found.

TPPA was founded in 2005, and is incorporated as a Non-profit organization.  

Mail Address


P.O. Box 1242

Milton, NH 03851